Sunday, April 3, 2011

March 25th, My 30th Birthday!!!


Well, my sweet husband and family went all out to make the big 3-0 special for me this year. They succeeded. It was really a great day. I woke up after 8:00 (yes, that is amazing.) Nate had told his boss that he'd be into work late so that I could sleep in.

Then mom and dad brought a delicious breakfast of hot chocolate, croissants, and sausage over.

Livy got to eat small pieces of left-over pancake for her breakfast. (She's eating and loving so much now!!!)
Nate had all of these presents downstairs and he had Claire bring them up. You can for sure tell this is a Claire arrangement because of how the presents are all lined up! So adorable and so Claire-like. Nate got me a lot of fun kitchen things. I got a cutting board, new spoons, new dish towels and wash-cloths, a bread slicer, and new recipe cards. He's so cute.
Mom and Dad went in with Nate on this gorgeous painting of Christ for me. It is the Minerva Teichert one of Christ holding the black sheep. (I'm not sure exactly what the message was that they were trying to tell me.:)
My sweet kids helped me make my cake! Nate and Nanny both offered, but Claire really wanted to make a chocolate cake with me. A few days before when I asked Claire what kind of cake we should make, she said, "Well, I want chocolate." Then she paused for two minutes and said, "But....I guess you can choose since it's your birthday." Thanks Claire....I choose chocolate, too!
A picture that Claire took of me......
Don't ask why the incredulous look on my face.......I'm not sure. Nate took me to the very chic Thai house in Rexburg. :) As Nate aptly described it, "It makes you think you're in Thailand, but for all of the wrong reasons." Some of these may be the nasty bathrooms, the bright yellow paint and horrid tile, and the posters stuck to the walls with silver duct tape. Hilarious. The food, however, is delicious and worth it!!!

I was starting to think that Nate's family had forgotten my birthday, but then we pulled up to my house after dinner and all of their cars were there. The little sneak. I walked in to a surprise house-full of family. It was so awesome to see everyone there.
Two cute grandmas and two cute babies...
The cake (Sarah's decadent recipe) that the kids and I made. Mom had also made a bunch of amazingly delicious cupcakes and brought them over.

The sweetest man on Earth....he's so amazing and I'm so lucky!!!
Dantzel did not know what to think of my dad's mustache. I don't blame her one bit. :)
So glad I got this picture since Lindz and Jeff announced that they were moving to California the next Thursday. :(
My beautiful, sweet momma!!!
We were taking these pictures late at night and Nate was breaking his arm off, holding the camera. It was quite entertaining and also extremely hard to get a picture that worked!!!
I also have to mention the sweet cards from Alissa, Lindz, and Michelle.....and the awesome gift certificates to Costa Vida from Mom and Dad Allen, and the calls from my brothers who actually remembered. Plus my kids were so dang cute and excited. Thanks to everyone! It was a great day, and a great 30 years!