Thursday, January 19, 2012

Other December Pictures

Claire was in her first performance of The Nutcracker. She is such a good little ballerina. Nanny and Papi and Grandma all came to see her. Christian and Livy actually sat through the whole thing and were surprisingly good.
My cute little clown at intermission.

I love the classic screaming on Santa's lap picture.
Drinking hot chocolate and waiting for a carriage ride, which unfortunately ended right when we got there. But seeing the horses was just as fun.
Cute sisters in matching dresses from Nanny.
We spent an entire day making gingerbread cookies for all of the neighbors. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun.

My cute girl in her new jammies from Grandma.
Christian and Claire at her classroom Christmas party that I was in charge of.
A preggo pic.

Putting out cookies and milk for Santa.
Santa brought Star Wars stuff.
My cute girls in their matching Christmas dresses, again from Nanny.

Geddes Family Christmas

Our Geddes family Christmas was a little sparse this year, but still a lot of fun. Dave and Melissa came up for Christmas Eve through the 27th. Matt and Kalyn came a few days after Christmas, and J and Sarah didn't make it because she was so close to having Lincloln.
My cute mom, otherwise known as Nanny.

Livy and cousin Aubrey taking a bath together. They are adorable together and such opposites!!! Livy loves her and was calling her, "Auby." We have a book of baby pictures and there is one with curly hair that Livy likes to point to and say, "Auby."

Christmas afternoon, opening presents at Nanny and Papi's house. These are cute little animal hats that Pappy got them in N.Y.
We were so excited to give Pappy this puppet. We've seen it for a few years and thought it looked just like him, so we finally got it for him. The kids couldn't wait to give it to him. When you ask Livy who it is, she quickly responds, "Papi."

Looking at fun stuff from the tompt on Christmas Eve.
Putting the cereal out for the tompt and peeking to see if they can see him.

Cute cousin Clay and Aunt "Moonie."
Claire helping tell the nativity story on Christmas Eve.

Nanny's beautiful hair, as styled by Claire.
Olivia loved her animal hat!

Watching a movie on Nanny's bed.

Cousins. This picture was actually at Thanksgiving. Logan is the only one who was currently born and is missing. Our brand new cousin, Lincoln. He was born on January 6th. We can't wait to meet him.

Allen Family Christmas

Well, we had a great Christmas this year. We had three different Allen family parties, a Geddes family party, two work parties, a school party, and a ward party which Nate and I had to be Mary and Joseph in the nativity. It was definitely a busy December, but a fun one. Pictures are better than words, especially mine, so here they are:

We got a brand new cousin, Declan, on Christmas Eve. Nate and I went to visit him on Christmas Day!!!
He was 5 lbs, something. Super tiny and cute! I wouldn't know what to do with a baby that size after my 9 pounder!

Siblings party at Mom and Dad Allen's on the 23rd.
Cute, naked, dancing baby!
Cousin Rowan, or "Ro Ro" as Livy calls him.
Grandma had cute little crafts for the kids, which Claire loves!!!
All of the boys taking down Uncle Dave.
This is the only picture we got at the extended-family Moseley Christmas party.
Mom's incredible tree that I would never have the patience to do.
Christian's new hat and shirt.
Nate loves his new shoes.....he wears them to work all the time.
Claire got a bunch of drawing stuff. It was such a perfect gift for our little artist.

I got a very cute jacket with matching gloves and scarf!! I can't wait to wear it again after the baby is here. (When I can actually zip it up! :))
Christian got an awesome light-saber, which is so totally appropriate for him right now. He also got a really cute angry birds shirt and hat that he wears all the time.

Me and my handsome little dude.
Cute boys!
The girls reading Christmas stories with Grandma.
Gotta show the baby belly (which is already much bigger and more uncomfortable than in this picture!)