Thursday, January 19, 2012

Other December Pictures

Claire was in her first performance of The Nutcracker. She is such a good little ballerina. Nanny and Papi and Grandma all came to see her. Christian and Livy actually sat through the whole thing and were surprisingly good.
My cute little clown at intermission.

I love the classic screaming on Santa's lap picture.
Drinking hot chocolate and waiting for a carriage ride, which unfortunately ended right when we got there. But seeing the horses was just as fun.
Cute sisters in matching dresses from Nanny.
We spent an entire day making gingerbread cookies for all of the neighbors. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun.

My cute girl in her new jammies from Grandma.
Christian and Claire at her classroom Christmas party that I was in charge of.
A preggo pic.

Putting out cookies and milk for Santa.
Santa brought Star Wars stuff.
My cute girls in their matching Christmas dresses, again from Nanny.


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the last picture of the girls! They are so cute. Love your preggo pic too. You could be a model, pregnant and not pregnant. I'm glad you updated the blog! How's the last trimester going? Almost there! :)

  2. Love it Elisa, thanks for updating, it helps me not feel so far away. Love you guys!

  3. THANKS for the update! We loved seeing you guys last month!! Definitely need to make it a yearly tradition :) The kids talk about Claire and Christian on a weekly basis, they are "our cousins in Idaho" supposedly haha. I don't know why they say that but it's so stinkin cute! You look awesome, as usual, and I can't believe how well you carry when pregnant!